3D Printable terrain on Kickstarters

If you are running a kickstarter or planing one for something 3D Printable, drop us an email and we will be happy to do a review of your products and spread the word about your amazing products.

Check out our reviews to get a feel as to what we are about, also we will be doing Twitch and Youtube reviews as well coming second quarter 2019.

WOR: The World of INFERNO

The World of INFERNO features a 3D printable world of lava and ash designed to create massive multi-tier levels for your tabletop gaming world. 

Featuring over 20 stretch goals plus and add-ons this Kickstarter is going to be revolutionary, with 200+ STL files and one of the FIRST campaigns to include the option of a 3D printer as part of a 3D terrain Kickstarter. 

We are proud to offer these amazing terrain pieces from Worlds Over RUn as our latest addition to our product line.

Handmade Baby Thor Set

We love to create new hats and sets. Creating this set has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, experiences in all my years of crocheting. There was a lot of trial and error before the final version, but in the end I would say it's my favorite. That being said :) lots and lots of work goes into this set, more than any other set I have made this far. There are the little nobbies (my term for the details on the hat, diaper cover and booties, there are the wings, there is the hammer :) and all of it together is totally awesome...in my unbiased opinion :) 

This set costs more than my normal sets because it takes so much detail, and so much yarn, to make...but I think you will love it and your little superhero will look awesome :) The wings are treated with unscented hairspray to allow them to keep their shape. If they loose their shape in shipping you can spray them with hairspray before you take that baby photo and they will hold up well. Please let me know if you have any questions about this, or other superhero sets :) 

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