Rampage Dungeon Kickstarter Launches 1st September

Rampage Dungeon Kickstarter Launches 1st September Rampage Dungeon, injection molded Dungeon Tiles manufactured in the USA. Kickstarter launches 1st September. – Swap walls and floors – Build complete rooms – Full inch by inch mini placement area – Made from high strength ABS plastic – Easily transport fully set up dungeons – Options for both

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The great 1980s Dungeons & Dragons panic

How many of you remember this…there are not that many of us around lol In an era of potent concern over internet pornography, cyber-bullying, and drugs, it is hard to imagine a game being controversial. But 30 years ago Dungeons & Dragons was the subject of a full-on moral panic, writes Peter Ray Allison. “Read

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3D Printable: All Roads Lead to Rome

15 Days to go on an awesome Kickstarter by Lovecraft Designs & Manufacturing , check it out on Kickstarter and check out Lovecraft Designs & Manufacturing’s website to see more of their awesome work! All Roads Lead to Rome Welcome to our ‘All Roads Lead to Rome’ project. This project contains: We are proud to present high detail 3D

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