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Rampage Dungeon Kickstarter Launches 1st September

Rampage Dungeon Kickstarter Launches 1st September

Rampage Dungeon, injection molded Dungeon Tiles manufactured in the USA. Kickstarter launches 1st September.

– Swap walls and floors
– Build complete rooms
– Full inch by inch mini placement area
– Made from high strength ABS plastic
– Easily transport fully set up dungeons
– Options for both hand painted or unpainted. 

Not much is known yet but it seems that Architects Of Destruction are the producers of the product line, Rampage Dungeon is this intellectual property of Printable Scenery but it seems an arrangement has been made to allow this project, the project looks amazing and may bring a new player into the world of injection molded dungeon terrain giving Dwarven Forge some competition in the market…We will do some digging around and see what else we can find out about this project and what the vision is for the future of this product line!

Check out the video below and if you like it and like the products click and show your support for Architects Of DestructionPrintable Scenery and this amazing project! 

And remember September 1st the Kickstarter launches…Enjoy!



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