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Terror at the Belmont Hills Mall -3D Printable Terrain

A fully 3D-printable STL shopping mall terrain set specifically designed for 28 mm zombie war gaming miniatures and tabletop games.


Actual 3D printed piece pictured above. Improvements are currently being made to all test printed models for higher quality results!


Haldane Creations got a chance to talk with Michael Kuhne the force behind Archangel Design based out of the Pittsburgh, PA area.  Michael is the artistic talent behind the tabletop creations offered by Archangel Design.  We talked with Michael about his new Kickstarter – Terror at the Belmont Hills Mall: 28mm STL 3D-Shopping Mall.


The company released a Press Release the other day saying;


“For Immediate Release:

For those looking for a unique terrain setting for all their 28mm zombie war games and tabletop RPGs, no other environment is more exciting than a 1980s themed shopping mall that houses multiple retail outlets.

The Terror at the Belmont Hills Mall Kickstarter campaign offers backers a chance to gain exclusive access to a fully 3D-printable shopping mall, complete with two-story options such as escalators and catwalks, as well as full roof plan. The mall itself features more than 15 different retail outlets modeled on historical photographs of 1980s shopping centers, and can be assembled at any size.

It is up to the gamers to decide how they want to assemble their version of the shopping center by utilizing its unique snap together wall and floor system. Each store front, entrance and interior can be assembled in a variety of ways, making it great for terrain options both small and large.

For more information please view the campaign at (http://kck.st/2vunfsr) Kickstarter.com.”

Archangel Design is using their design and tech skills to create terrain that would complement any gaming table for tabletop games, and creating a business to keep bringing amazing terrain to games for years to come.  The company offers the STL files for sale to be 3D printed by the individual who buys them on their own 3d printer or have a 3D Printing service do the printing for them.

Their current offering includes dozens of objects including buildings, wall tiles, floor tiles, railing tiles, stairs, escalators, store fronts and much more.   All terrain will be ready for download and printing by the purchaser. Even if you don’t have a 3D printer, there are a number of printing services, and more popping up all the time, that will let you inexpensively print your purchase.

Archangel Design provided us with several files for testing, so we are going to test them with the following settings.


Slicer software: Cura 3.4.1

Hotend Temperature: 210C

Bed Temperature: 60C

Nozzle size: 0.4mm

Filament type: Inland PLA (Micro Center)

Filament size: 1.75mm

Printer: Creality CR-10S


The prints came out clean and very detailed, we were happily surprised J  clean layers, very nice patterns within the layers producing an exultant product that looks amazing!

Here is an image of one of the files printed that was provided by Archangel Design.

You can see the detail in this photo, just imagine how it would look in person.

Here is another image of one of the files printed that was provided by Archangel Design.

Actual 3D printed piece pictured above. Improvements are currently being made to all test printed models for higher quality results!


The current Kickstarter (Terror at the Belmont Hills Mall: 28mm STL 3D-Shopping Mall) files are inexpensive, in keeping with the desire for low cost and accessibility, ranging from $5.00 (Window Shopper level) for smallest pledge to $100.00 (Mall Rat All-In level) Once pledge and the Kickstarter is completed you will receive the STL files for 3D printing on your own, so what you are paying for here is the modeling expertise of the company and some very awesome tabletop terrain STL’s.


The main thing about this terrain is that it is really very good. The store fronts are very accurate in scale and design, the overall set has very high detail and lots of texturing all of which heightens the atmosphere surrounding your gaming table. The countless hours of design before the modeling can even begin are clear in each of their pieces. Archangel Design has turned to Kickstarter to raise funds that would allow them the time to expand their designs and pay some bills.

Actual 3D printed piece pictured above. Improvements are currently being made to all test printed models for higher quality results!


Earlier this month they launched their fundraising campaign, which featured a number of pieces for the 3D printable project TERROR AT THE BELMONT HILLS MALL. I’ve had a chance to see the details of this project and test print some of the terrain, while I can’t reveal any of the big details, the rewards for donating are amazing. The clock tower they have created is amazing and a must for the collection, The Cosmic Arcade, an ideal location from which to embark upon adventure. The Mall is also full of tiny treasures, each of which is enjoyable in its own right.


There’s a wide variety of levels and some pretty cool stretch goals to entice hardcore fans and newcomers alike.

Actual 3D printed piece pictured above. Improvements are currently being made to all test printed models for higher quality results!


In total, the Belmont Hills Mall complete set features nearly 100 individual STL model files for ultimate customization on your home 3D printer! The best part of the Belmont Hills Mall STL file set is that it is intended to be printed in multiple parts, allowing it to be assembled at any size!

The entire 3D-printable mall complex is designed to support three large anchor department stores (a total of six available), a second level with balconies and escalators, as well as support columns for snap together catwalks and a full roof with skylights. There are currently 10 interior store fronts available in addition to six individual anchor stores of different variety, modeled on historical photographs from retailers of the early 1980’s era. In total, the Mall Rat pledge, provides 15 individual retailers!

After reviewing this project, I can say that I would recommend it, based on the design effort, the detail and quality I feel this set of STL files would be a great addition to anyone’s collection.


And for full disclosure myself nor Haldane Creations is affiliated with Archangel Designs or Michael, but I do believe after reviewing the files and the project we will become a backer of this project!


To back this project or find out more information on this Kickstarter, check out their page at http://kck.st/2vunfsr


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