13 3D Printable Gothic Scenery Files for Tabletop Gaming

13 3D Printable Gothic Scenery Files for Tabletop Gaming

Medusa Miniatures has another Kickstarter going that launched today…check it out as always some very nice models in this one!

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13 highly detailed 3d printable .stl files of Gothic scenery for tabletop gaming, suitable for FDM and resin printers.

About this Project 

This is a project for FDM printers and resin printers!  We love classic tabletop fantasy and war games and 3d printing. 3D printing is the future of tabletop miniature gaming, and we want that future to start now. We’re bringing you a set of 13 files for 3d printed Gothic Scenery for your tabletop gaming in this Kickstarter. Our scenery models have been through several optimizations passes to minimize supports, but, being sculpted and not procedurally modeled, some supports will still be required.

PLUS for resin printers: you have the chance to receive the 13 villains  (Anti-Paladin reward) from our previous Kickstarter if you missed it last time. You can see all the details here:


PLUS ….for resin printers another chance to get our previous highly detailed tombstones kickstarter (Grave Digger reward):

PLUS one backer will have the chance to receive our primed 3d proof prints (printed via 3d Hubs) below cost with free shipping worldwide (the Abbot reward).

The inspiration for this Project is the Gothic paintings of the artist Caspar David Friedrich.