EC3D's Newest Kickstarter "The Skyless Realms" has launched!

EC3D's Newest Kickstarter "The Skyless Realms" has launched!

This is straight from the Kickstarter page for EC3D's Newest Kickstarter "The Skyless Realms" and it has launched go check it out! 

Welcome to "The Skyless Realms" - a dark, dangerous place below ground - full of all the most evil races of the world - where everything is trying to kill you, and both grand adventure and extreme peril await!

Enrich your tabletop RPG or wargaming experience with 3D print-ready minis, monsters, terrain, and buildings from this deadly, subterranean landscape.

Regardless of the tabletop RPG or wargame you play, doubtless you run across all denizens of the deep dark, and spend lots of time exploring the depths. This Kickstarter is designed to completely flesh out those environments with character minis, monsters, scatter, buildings and more for your to produce at home on your FDM or resin 3D printer. Rewards are for digital STL files to print the products shown and described in this campaign. Rewards are split into two categories: Scatter, and Minis - designed to be used together or independently, and all for normal tabletop gaming scale (28-32mm).


*** UPDATE: First stretch goal unlocked! Pics and all included models will be added later tonight! ***

(click the image above to view a high-res detail gallery of pics)
(click the image above to view a high-res detail gallery of pics)

Terrain / Buildings / Scatter

No 3D gaming table is complete without scatter! This project includes a large collection of terrain, buildings, and other scatter to fill out the Skyless Realms. Initial "core" terrain is largely themed around dark elves and generic cavern, with lots more races/styles to follow in stretch goals. Buildings are designed to be easy to print/assemble with nearly all parts printing support-free. All buildings are designed for playability, with easy alignment tabs for multi-floor buildings and removable roofs. The set ranges from small scatter items to huge multi-floor buildings. Many designs, such as the sorcery spire and crystal obelisk, are designed to print in translucent PLA and take an optional LED earring to add glowing effects. Many buildings are also designed with windows that can be printed in translucent PLA as well, to add an amazing look and feel. 

The below image shows renders of all the models in some sample configurations:

To see a larger image of terrain/scatter/building renders in higher resolution, CLICK HERE - or check out some printed/painted pics HERE.


This project includes a large collection of thematic minis including monsters, characters, and more! 

  • Designed fro resin-level quality but FDM printability.
  • Little-to-no support on resin, and minimal on FDM in most cases.
  • Larrger models are keyed for easy print/assembly.
  • All models have been test printed and ready to drop on print bed.
  • Most designs are included based and unbased.

At launch, any pledge including minis gets all the below minis for < $1/mini and value will get down close to $.50/mini as stretch goals get unlocked. Also expect to see some larger, high-detail minis that will print great even on FDM, be a blast to paint, and wow your players!

The below image shows renders of all the prints along with a print difficulty rating for resin or FDM (based on support/assembly requirements, as judged by me). Where applicable, it also denotes supportless models, and community modeler who designed the model, and if it will appear in that artist's Patreon.

All photo examples of minis on this campaign page were printed in resin to show detail. To view some additional painted resin minis check out THIS GALLERY, or to see some examples of FDM printed minis (on a standard Ender 3 - thanks Lidless Eye Hobbies!) - check out THIS GALLERY.



Tile sets have their place but for organic caverns, they are unruly and hard to use. To that end, I developed DungeonSticks - a "2.5d" terrain system built of walls and entrances to build out your caverns (on top of a battle map/mat, table, etc) with the focus on quick/easy setup, portability, player visibility, and easy printing/painting. DungeonSticks are themed for The Skyless Realms, and development is being supported by this Kickstarter. Check out the video below: 

I have released the first pieces at the time of this KS launch and as new stretch goals are unlocked I will release more and more pieces on Thingiverse that you will be able to print right away - for free. Take a look at [THIS THINGIVERSE COLLECTION]( to check out everything released for DungeonSticks Caverns, which will be updated throughout the campaign.


Collaboration from amazing artists and modelers in the community!

The below folks were essential to make this Kickstarter happen. They were kind enough to donate their time and skill to help this project reach it's max potential, and foster collaboration in our community. I have credited each of them for there work where it appears (some did awesome stretch goals you will see soon!). They all do absolutely amazing work, and offer a unique depth and breadth of items so please take the time to check out all their offerings. I'll also be highlighting each of them and their contributions in various updates along the way.

  •  Ryan Beasecker - Hero's Hoard 
  •  Duncan "Shadow" Louca - Patreon 
  •  Nickey's Hatchery - Patreon 
  •  Fabio Schizzo (Fabio's Art Box) - Patreon 
  •  Nicholas Hein (Battle Boss Industries) - Etsy 
  •  Printed Obsession - Web Store 
  •  William Chamberlain (Valandar) - Patreon 
  •  Ronald Bondoc - Instagram 
  •  Crossed Lances - Web Site 
  •  Cast N Play - Patreon 
  •  Mystic Realms - Web Store (use coupon code "SkylessRealmsKS" for 50% off)
  •  Francesco A. Pizzo - Patreon 


Stretch Goals

Multiple awesome stretch goals have been designed to fully explore the depth and breadth of The Skyless Realms. Each stretch goal will include a mix of minis and terrain/scatter, new DungeonSticks releases, and possibly other free stuff! Some stretch goals will be weighted a bit towards more minis or more scatter/buildings, but each unlocked goal will include some of both. The full images of included minis and terrain/scatter above will be updated to reflect newly added items when stretch goals are unlocked. 

During my last Kickstarter I had a bunch of smaller stretch goals that were closer together and it was hard to manage, so for this one I opted to do less, but larger stretch goals spaced further apart. Once the campaign is funded the first stretch goal target will be set, and target for subsequent goals will be revealed when prior goal is unlocked.



Add-ons allow you to get additional awesome stuff at a great discount, and help push even further to unlock stretch goals! To get add-ons, just increase your pledge level by the amount indicated for whichever add-ons you would like. Once the KS closes I will be using a pledge manager to help you finalize you add-ons.

  •  $40 - Forest of Oakenspire - Get *everything* from my last Kickstarter Forest of Oakenspire at a great discount
  •  $50 - All EC3D Premium Sets - The full collection of all 12 previously released premium sets - over $100 value, as seen for sale on Hero's Hoard 
  •  $30 - 6 EC3D Premium Sets - Chose 6  sets from my previously released premium set collection - over a $50 value, as seen for sale on Hero's Hoard 


About the Creator

My name is Evan Carothers, and I am a 3D designer with hundreds of designs released via Thingiverse (ecaroth) and through my premium design company (EC3D). My skill and love for design has grown out of my passion for tabletop gaming, technology, and 3D printing. Take a look at the quality of my free items on Thingiverse or my premium items to get a feel for my design aesthetic.

I am a tabletop gamer at heart, and every single model I design is test printed, and often painted, by myself before I release it for customer use (making tweaks/changes/fixed during the process as needed). You will never get a model from me that I haven't guaranteed will print on my own 3D FMD  and resin printers (Tevo Tornado, Tevo Flash, Wanhao i3, Ender 3, and Anycubic Photon). Every one of my designs takes printability and paintability into consideration, and I consciously make every effort to minimize assembly and remove support requirements.

Some examples of my previous work
Some examples of my previous work

Accountability, Delivery Timeline, and More...

Everybody hates waiting, and many people have been burned by poorly designed files and broken delivery timelines in previous kickstarters. In an effort to provide the best Kickstarter possible, I didn't even consider launching this project until the core tiles were COMPLETELY DESIGNED AND TEST PRINTED! Everything offered in the core building and minis sets (and many of the stretch goals) are ready for delivery the second the funds clear after the Kickstarter finishes. I will be finalizing and releasing the stretch goal items as fast as humanly possible, with a goal of 60 days after this Kickstarter ends for delivery. I also have multiple professional designers lined up to assist with stretch goal design if needed to help meet expectations of delivery. All parts will be repaired, tested, and ready for you to drop right into your slicer, error-free.

Disclaimer & Printing Requirements

To get the most out of the printable parts from this Kickstarter, you will need to have a well-tuned 3D printer. For terrain/scatter and FDM printer capable of printing at a minimum .2mm layer height (ideally .12mm) is idea (such as an Ender 3). In the few cases where supports are needed, you can generate them with your slicer and they should work great. Parts are cut to small pieces to facilitate printing. All designs are cut and keyed to fit on a 200x200cm print bed but most will work on  printer as small as 160x160 cm.  For minis, a resin printer is ideal and all mini models are cut/keyed to fit on standard sized smaller resin print beds. Minis will print on FDM but are more challenging as supports will be required, but many people get great results printing FDM minis (or if you ever want a resin printer in the future, it's a great chance to snag these models for your collection at a steep discount now).

Every part is test printed by myself and repaired to be manifold and ready to drop on your slicer - however I am a hobbyist designer who has spent months working on this project in my part time. In the event that any issues with the files get past my own QA testing and process, and my other test printers, I will make every effort to fix the file and remedy the situation. My number one goal is to make some awesome, unique designs you can have a ton of fun with on your tabletop!