Project Mobius 4

Project Mobius 4

After a short break, volume 4 of my 3D Printable Scifi Structures for Tabletop Gaming is now live! This time around I focused mostly on larger structures as oppose to smaller decorative pieces. As usual, I've always tried to come up with something different, like the D5 Dice Bunker that comes in 5 pieces for each side for easier printing. Each side has either 1-5 strips sort of like a real dice. Then there's the expandable tube passageway (first time I designed something like this) that you can expand using the expansion piece. 

The models are designed for 28mm-30mm scale and obviously you can resize the models anyway you want to fit your gaming needs. 

Continue with the tradition, you will be getting another selection of 18 scifi structure sets and pledge goals in STL file format (NOT THE PHYSICAL MODELS). I have also created more reward options that allow you to pledge for this set plus sets from any one of the previous volumes or you can also opt for the Supreme Complete Set or Supreme Complete Set Early Bird and get everything.

If you pledge for the Supreme Complete Set or Supreme Complete Set Early Bird you will be getting all 18 scifi structures, pledge goals PLUS all scifi structures and pledge goals from previous 3 volumes. That's over 70 models all together! 

These are the main options excluding the $1 pledge:

  • complete set (30 early bird)
  • complete set + Vol 1  (20 early bird)
  • complete set + Vol 2(20 early bird)
  • complete set + Vol 3 (20 early bird)
  • complete set + Vol 1, 2 and 3 (20 early bird)

And for the first time I am offering license to print and sell for a year for Vol 4:

  • License to kill...I mean sell!

Here is a list of models you will be getting:

  • mobile capsule hotel
  • cryo chamber (2 styles - exposed, retracted) 
  • scifi platforms with interior (includes 2 platforms with interior and top pieces) 
  • massive power generator 
  • corner store ruin (two pieces) 
  • front gate structure (includes 2 gate pieces, 2 side pieces and 1 end piece)
  • med facility 
  • large turbine generator 
  • 3 different solar panels (includes base and 3 panel pieces) 
  • large energy cell floor with energy cell pieces (includes main energy cell floor and 2 energy cell pieces)
  • D5 dice bunker (multi parts - 4 sides and 1 top piece for ease of printing) 
  • refinery 
  • three ground decorations
  • anti air guns (includes base and gun pieces) 
  • mech hangar
  • outpost base 
  • modular colony structures (includes main structure, 2 colony structures with entrances in 3 styles)
  • expandable tube passageway (multi parts - 1 main and 1 expansion pieces)
  •  PLUS stretch goals that get unlocked along the way

By supporting my campaign, I will be able to continue designing and sharing more high quality models. I couldn't have learned and achieved so much without you guys' support!

The fund (after Kickstarter fees) will be invested on the time in designing the models, cost of testing/prototyping the models, printer maintenance and ultimately help funding for future releases of more printable miniatures.

 Note: All models are for personal use only and may NOT be used for commercial purpose (selling and/or distributing for profit) except for the "License to kill...I mean sell!" pledge level in which case you have my permission to print and sell for a year. 

And for the stretch goals 

I am thinking about models that gradually form a base as more components get unlocked that will work with the front gate structure).

  • wall + gate expansions (when reaching $1000)
  • guard tower (when reaching $1400)
  • storage tanks (when reaching $1800)
  • landing platform (when reaching $2300)
  • more if we can reach even higher!

Printed and painted models with a Monoprice Select Mini at 0.1313mm layer height coming soon. 

D5 Dice Bunker printed at 100% scale. More coming!
D5 Dice Bunker printed at 100% scale. More coming!

 If you want to purchase individual spaceship and/or scifi structure models from my previous campaigns feel free to visit my store. 

And finally:   

Please help like and share my pages to your friends and families that would mean a lot to me! Thank you!