New London, CT., November 28th, 2018 – Today, the tabletop terrain designers at WORLDS OVER RUN announced that WOR: EPIC ENCOUNTERS, their first character and story based product, will be available for pre-order for tabletop gamers and 3D Printers on November 29th, 2018 via Kickstarter campaign.

WORLDS OVER RUN is a leading tabletop terrain designer developing content for the current and next generation of 3D printable models for gaming. Tabletop and RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Star Wars: Legions, Warhammer 40k, and Gaslands are some of the games that WORLDS OVER RUN has been designed to work with, allowing players to expand their existing worlds and campaigns. The large-scale game worlds that are the hallmark of WORLDS OVER RUN feature a unique design for tabletop games where the players would experience various visual and physical enhancements such as elevated platforms and large format OpenLOCK® terrain tiles ranging from 100mm to 250mm.

“All of our designs interact together make for an even more immersive gaming experience,” WORLDS OVER RUN Designer and Founder, Eric Askue said.

Now, with the introduction of WOR: EPIC ENCOUNTERS, players have the ability to run short primer campaigns using amazing new characters and accessories that are specially designed for exciting new experiences pitting the players against enemies that will test their resolve at every turn! WOR: EPIC ENCOUNTERS is designed to give the players a primer campaign, but also allows for the individual to integrate these assets into other games or gaming scenarios. The custom characters designed for WOR: EPIC ENCOUNTERS are intended to be dominating forces on your tabletop terrain. These figures are large, highly detailed, and optimized for nearly any level of 3D printing.

WOR: EPIC ENCOUNTERS is entering the market with two distinct and well designed sets that feature their own “boss” creatures, minions, native animals, and terrain accessories. These sets give players and game masters the ability to enjoy a quick short story campaign or integrate into their existing campaign using the included WOR: EPIC ENCOUNTERS campaign documents. The campaign documents are included with each set and will establish the baseline for your adventure and eliminate the need for time consuming campaign design and development. Game Masters may also use these documents to augment or supplement their existing games. This is one aspect of WOR: EPIC ENCOUNTERS that sets it apart from all other existing game systems.

In tabletop gaming, there are Encounters that make up Adventures. There are Adventures that make up a Campaign, and finally that Campaign becomes the blueprint for a Campaign World.

At WORLDS OVER RUN,we believe there is one more category. Somewhere between a single encounter and a full adventure is what we call the Epic Encounter. It is so much more than a single scene or one-off encounter. WOR: EPIC ENCOUNTERS is designed to add more character to your monsters, and NPCs(Non-Player Characters), complete with Story hooks, stats, and the ability to expand into full adventures or campaigns.

If you want a quick game to grab some XP and before the next game or a fill in game because one of your regular players is missing, then WOR: EPIC ENCOUNTERS is made for you!

Players and 3D print enthusiasts can look forward to more cutting edge designs and content from WORLDS OVER RUN with the addition of WOR: EPIC ENCOUNTERS which takes place in any of the WORLDS OVER RUN environments and beyond. You can pre-order your WOR: EPIC ENCOUNTERS set on Kickstarter now; pledges starting at $25 for either encounter set to $40 for both encounter sets.
All WORLDS OVER RUN products are designed in the USA in New London, CT.
For more information, please visit our Kickstarter Campaign located HERE.

Company Overview:
WORLDS OVER RUN is a gaming design startup based New London, CT.. Founder Eric Askue, with a degree in computer animation and fine arts, leads the team. As a passionate entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the Art world, product manufacturing, ZBrush design, 3D Printing, Eric has a well rounded team that have joined forces with a vision to redefine the world of tabletop gaming and 3D printing.
Eric’s extensive experience in 3D printing and assets creation started during his six and a half year tenure teaching university level students, and professionally five years with Collapse Industries as their lead artist under Kirk Kirkland.

WORLDS OVER RUN is making tabletop terrain and tabletop asset enhancements available to all gamers no matter what level they may be. WORLDS OVER RUN’s focus is to design amazing gaming terrains and add-ons that pinpoint great consideration for simplicity of design and the enhancement of the full user experience. With a laundry list of innovations, WORLDS OVER RUN has gotten to work building groundbreaking designs for the tabletop gaming community and the 3D printing market that can be widely adopted by the consumer market.

PR Contact: Eric Askue