ID Badge Clip, Lanyard, Key Clip Custom Made Perfect for Mom, Nurse, Friend, and so much more Handmade Crochet Made to Order

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Unique, functional and cute. Retractable Badge Reel extends about 22 1/2 inches; Flower will be about two inches. The reel has a clip so you can attach it to your clothing. Flower is treated with stiffening spray so it keeps its shape and limits fraying and fuzzying :) A great way to give your badge holder an extra little something :)

Decorations are attached with hot glue and very secure. I have so many buttons which can be attached to you can personalize it....cats, dogs, ladybugs, hairdresser things, crafty things, butterflies, flowers...and so much more :) I should be able to make your badge clip in the colors you like, with something that is unique to you...something you love :)

Please note that the clips in the photos are only a few examples of what can be done and that each may be a little different but as it will be made for you. I should be able to make your clip with the colors and buttons I have on hand, but if I do not I can let you know how long it may take for me to find the perfect color and the perfect button just for you :)

Materials: buttons,chrochet or nylon thread