Nurse Gnome | Nurse Elf | Nurse Gift | About 9 1/2 inches | NEW | HANDMADE

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This is the perfect gift for any Nurse or Nursing Student :)

Here are a few things about the gnomes in my shop:

- Unless the listing is for just one gnome, gnomes are made to order
- This gnome will be about 9 1/2 in tall and 11 inches in circumference
- This gnome will be made with white and red yarn and she will have pockets holding a small pill bottle, band aid, and thermometer :)
- Every gnome is handmade, so they will be a tiny bit two will be exactly alike :) but every one of them will be adorably, awesomely cute :) - The weight indicated in the shipping is due to packaging. I want to make sure that the gnome will not be "squished" or accessories damaged in transit. So, rather than using a mailing envelope, I use boxes :)
- Gnomes can be customized and any kind of gnome you can think of may just be possible :) I will work with you to customize the gnome so it is just right :)


Materials: polyfill,yarn