Supergirl Doll | About 10in | NEW | HANDMADE to Look Like You or Gift Recipient

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I love making these dolls because they are the perfect, unique, gift for someone. They let the recipient know that someone knows what they love, knows what is important to them, knows them :) I don't think there are enough, affordable gifts, that are uniquely made for one person only and I think that needs to change. Making these dolls is my effort to bring forth such a change....on a small level. Each doll takes quite a while to make, and I think that I put more of my heart and soul into each doll than I do in anything else I make. They take time, they are difficult to make, but as I watch them slowly come to "life" they always make me smile. Many dolls like the one's I make cost a whole lot of money, because they take so much time and effort...and I understand that...from a business perspective...but as a mom, a friend, and as a crafter, I think they should be affordable and accessible :)

This doll is the perfect gift for a little, or not so little Superhero....boy or girl :) The doll will be made to look like your Superhero. I will do my best to match skin color, hair color, hair style, and the perfect accessories and dolls will be approximately 10 - 11 inches tall and each doll will differ slightly in size.

I will work closely with you to reflect the person or child receiving the doll but it can take about a week or more to create the doll and to find the accessories that are just right :)

****** Please note that only Superhero dolls are 20.00 dollars, other custom dolls require more accessories and specialization and cost 25.00 dollars. Please email me if you have any questions or if you are thinking about another type of doll ( last photo on listing :)

Please email me with any questions you may have :)

P.S. The shipping on the dolls is a bit higher because it will not be shipped in an envelope, but rather in a box so it arrives perfectly :)

Materials: polyfill,buttons,yarn