Wedding Couple Doll Set | About 10in | NEW | HANDMADE to Look Like You or Gift Recipient

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I love making these dolls because they are the perfect, unique, gift for someone and I think that this is the perfect gift for a couple getting married :) I don't think there are enough, affordable gifts, that are uniquely made for someone and I think that needs to change. Making these dolls is my effort to bring forth such a change....on a small level. Each doll takes quite a while to make, and I think that I put more of my heart and soul into each doll than I do in anything else I make. They take time, they are difficult to make, but as I watch them slowly come to "life" they always make me smile. Many dolls like the one's I make cost a whole lot of money, because they take so much time and effort...and I understand that...from a business perspective...but as a mom, a friend, and as a crafter, I think they should be affordable and accessible :)

When you order these dolls you can choose skin color, hair color, the style of the dress, and even the flowers. I will try to make them so they closely reflect the Bride and Groom, Bride and Bride, Groom and Groom :) Dolls will be between 10 - 11 inches tall.

I will work closely with you to reflect the couple but it can take about a week or more to create the doll and to find the accessories that are just right :)

Please email me if you have any questions or if you are thinking about another type of doll :)

P.S. The shipping on the dolls is a bit higher because they will not be shipped in an envelope, but rather in a box so it arrives perfectly :)

Materials: crochet thread,polyfill,buttons