Wonder Woman Doll | About 10in | NEW | HANDMADE to Look Like You or Gift Recipient

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I love making these dolls and I have made many....and I have always loved Wonder Woman. It recently occured to me that with all the dolls I have made, I have never made one for myself and I have never made a Wonder Woman doll...so it was time!!! :)

I absolutely love her and I want to make sure you love yours, or that they woman who will get this will love hers. I will work with you to personalize your Wonder Woman doll, from skin color to hair color, hair length/style. This doll does have "boobs" (it's Wonder Woman after all) but those could be adjusted as well :) She will have her little whip, and her headband, and arm bands. The doll will be approximately 10 - 11 inches tall. It can take about a week or more to make it make sure she is just right :)

Please email me with any questions you may have

Materials: polyfill,yarn,buttons