3D Printed Miniatures 3D Printed Terrain Zombicide - Black Plague Card Box

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Card box - Zombicide - Black Plague by giliam8


This Card box is for all the cards in Zombicide Black Plague box set. Four slots that each hold at least 54 sleeved cards. Don't you hate it when you remove the shrink wrap from the cards, and the cards don't fit any more in the original box (bit exaggerated), let alone when you want to sleeve them?

The lid has a tight fit so it won't come off so easy, but to keep it firmly in place it is recommended to use magnets in the tray and the lid. See post-printing.

NOTE: This item comes unpainted and color may very depending on current stock of filament.


We use PLA filament for this box and the lid. It is recommended to used sand paper to lightly scuff the lid to give the logo a nice transition so that it stands out from the main body of the box.

If you want to make sure the lid won't come off during transportation; attached the lid using magnets. The holes are already in the print.

Box: cylindrical magnets with a diameter of 3mm and a length of 3mm.
Lid: square magnets of 3x3mm. Height 1mm.

Make sure the magnet fits by removing excess plastic, a drop of super glue and ready. (Mind the polarity).


This is a 3D Printed item and is printed in PLA


Card box - Zombicide - Black Plague by giliam8 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.