WOR Epic Encounters #1 STL Collection

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This is the WORLDS OVER RUN Epic Encounters #1, The Hill Lion & The Swamp King


Welcome to Epic Encounters, where you’ll find unique creations to enhance your tabletop universe.  Many creatures you will encounter will be familiar, yet with a twist, while others will be completely new to your universe.  These epic creatures will expand your creature collection with superb ancillary assets to enrich your gaming experience.  

Encounters are events for tabletop gaming, optimized for short game sessions while versatile enough for use in larger campaigns.  These Epic Encounters can be Modded to fit any game type or world. 

Our premium high quality 3D models are Scaled, Optimized, and Ready to print on your SLA or FDM printers! 

Encounter the Hill Lion; a cunning and vicious hill giant. 

This Epic Encounter will include;

Hill Lion .stl files 

Minion Zähurling  .stl files 

Steer .stl files

Treasure pile .stl files

Stone Dragon Kin .stl files

Adventurer Campsite Set (Tent, Bedroll, Campfire pit, Equipment pile) .stl files 

Stone Dragon Kin is a nasty thing, often in the same domain as hill and mountain giants.  Well camouflaged for their environment and one of the more dangerous ambush predators. 

Stone Dragon Kin
Stone Dragon Kin
exploded view of the Hill Lion
exploded view of the Hill Lion

 Sketches for our additional content.  

Markaj Wa (The Swamp King) and these associated Items. 

Encounter the Markaj Wa (The Swamp King) a cruel and negligent ruler of the swamp. 

The Markaj Wa Encounter will include;

Markaj Wa .stl files

Minion (Ba Kalma) .stl files

150mm pier .stl files 

Salt depot .stl files 

Swamp Dragon Kin .stl files

Adventurer Campsite Set (Tent, Bedroll, Campfire pit, Equipment pile) .stl files 

 Our Swamp Dragon Kin isn't anything to mess with.


Epic Encounters have real stakes; peasant farmers in danger of losing everything, the livelihoods of the local depending on the success of heroes. Epic Encounters have intrigue, investigation of the scene of the attacks; hidden advantages for the quick of wit and keen of eye. Epic Encounters have action; perilous combat along a Rocky pass, lethal combat with strange new creatures and with cunning adversaries the likes of which you have not seen before. Epic Encounters are made to fit the needs of DM’s they can drop into any adventure or campaign that is looking for more high stakes intrigue, danger, imagination & fun.