Due to increased orders lead time on 3D physical prints is 10-15 business days

Our Team


Claudia McCann

Claudia heads up our handmade projects and creates a lot of unique and amazing products for our customers, she also designs gaming terrain and has come up with some of our best sellers to date.  Claudia being from Bavaria German she brings a unique mindset to our projects when it comes to Sci-Fi and Fantasy, with a deep love for German classics she gives our projects that little bit of flavor they are missing. 

James R. McCann, Jr.

James R. McCann, Jr. aka Talon Haldane is our founder and lead designer, Talon has been working in the gaming industry sense the early 1980's.  With a deep background in graphic/terrain design and communications he brings things to life in our studio.  Talon over see's the 3D printing farms and current projects for the company and is always looking for new ideas for us to get into, some have been great and some bad but they are always interesting for everyone. 

James R. McCann, III
Designer/Research and Development

James is a designer, gamer, programmer and loves VR for gaming and terrain design.  We are always looking forward to what he comes up with next!

MadDog 647
Designer/Research and Development

MadDog is a designer, gamer, coder and more.  He has been designing miniatures and terrain for over 30 years and offers to help out on our projects when needed.  We are always looking forward to what comes out of his warped mind 🙂 

Aden & Logan Ward
Quality Control Department

Aden & Logan are our quality control department, if it is still in one piece after the grandchildren get done with it you know it's good to go!

Our Production Staff
Day to day production

Our production staff is amazing and we could not do what we do without them, they are some of the coolest and smartest people we have ever meet and we thank them for all they do for Haldane Creations.