Haldane Creations is a family business with a deep passion for the gaming and medieval world, as well as unique and hand-crafted items. From technology oriented items, to miniatures and games, to unique or hand-crafted items...our goal is to share our passion with others.  We have been in the gaming design business sense the early 80's, we have worked with a lot of great people and got to meet a few famous ones too :)  Our roots go back to a time where some of us was designing terrain for D&D, Car Wars, Ogre and working on and designing games like Stellar Quest RPG, D&D Adventures like The Vault of Terainia a D&D Adventure, The Terainian Portal a D&D Adventure and software based games like Global Conquest, The DM Manager, The Adventurers Log all for Brown Bag Software lol

Today, our business includes a store on Etsy.com, we also have a thriving community of buyers that we interact with at gaming shows, CONs, Maker groups and the 3D Printing  community. Over the years we have designed a large inventory of products for all aspects of Tabletop gaming and we continue to add more all the time based on the feedback from our customers.  We have become Licensed Printers for a number of 3D Printable Terrain companies in a effort to grow our business and provide our customers with the best options for their gaming tables.

Our staff has a background that spans from 3D Design to Film Production and some of the most awesome handmade items you will ever see!  We have done so many things in our lives and we are looking forward to doing so much more in the years to come.  We hope you join us on our adventure and see the amazing things that will come, and not just from us but from the 3D Printing and Gaming communities as well because we are all on this adventure together, so Game & Make together and together nothing can stop us.


The OpenLOCK system by Printable Scenery opened up a new world for us, we have backed every kickstarter of Printable Scenery and purchased files for any we missed, our staff loves working with their terrain.  OpenLOCK was perfect for adapting to our existing and future terrain. So we began work on creating tiles for tabletop gaming.

As a result of our love for 3D Printed Terrain more and more people wanted us to do printing for them, so today we now offer 3D Printed terrain from so of the best designers out there, like Fat Dragon Games, Corvus Games Terrain, Warlayer, Duncan ‘Shadow’ Louca, Ill Gotten Games, Terrain4Print, GameScape3D, several designers from Thingiverse, and soon we will be adding Dicey Ventures Studios, W.O.R. Worlds Over Run, and several more terrain lines.  We also offer a full line of BattleMatz in a range of sizes thru our license agreement with WargamePrint’s.

We would also like to point out and thank some of the people that have influenced us over the years, for without them we would have never made this voyage of adventure and amazement!

Gary Gygaz creator of D&D - Steve Jackson creator of Ogre - Marc W. Miller Frank Chadwick Loren Wiseman and John Harshman designers of Traveler - Bruce Hirst of Hirst Arts - Jason Bott of 4Bot Industries - The amazing Lady Sabelle of Lady Sabelle Designs - Dr. William Stand 3D Designer before there ever was a 3D - Thomas Sanladerer of Tom's 3D Printing - Joel Telling of 3D Printing Nerd - 3D Maker Noob Joe (Don't know his last name but he is awesome!)

All of our resin products and Gaming items are made in the USA with supplies made in the USA, we believe in the concept of reinventing America through Micro-Manufacturing and creating a new  manufacturing industry in America one Maker at a time. By doing this we do our part to create jobs, bring revenue into our community and as a result we help to stimulate the economy and growing the Global economy so the world economy is stimulated as well.  We are all part of one world and together we can do anything!

"All People One World Together this is how the dream is built and created." - James McCann

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Haldane Creations, LLC, Universal Interactive Imaging, LLC and Illumination 3D, LLC  (i3D USA) are all part of our family businesses and we are thank full for the people that have joined us.