This support area is to help out customers with casting and 3D printing related issues, we will post links and resources on this page from time to time so check often!


Locking Systems:


What is OpenLOCK? OpenLOCK is an open-source building system that allows miniature scenery designers to design amazing cross-compatible scenery for tabletop games. ... If you're a 3D designer you can download the OpenLOCK templates directly from Thingiverse or and start designing OpenLOCK compatible parts.




DungeonLOCK™ (patent pending)

What is DragonLOCK?  It is a patent pending interlocking terrain system that lets you create modular, multi-level models from your RPG or war game on just about any filament based desktop 3D printer. So when you contribute to the project, you are provided with all the applicable STL (3D print) files to create your own set and can subsequently print as many duplicates to grow your village as large or as small as you want.