BATGIRL Baby Photo Prop Costume | Cape Hat Booties | NEW | Made For The Size You Need

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To The Bat Cave Batgirl!! For A Photo Shoot!!! Your little Baby-girl Superhero will look cool and super cute with this photo prop set. Set is made for a newborn baby with very soft yarn.

Hat: will measure approximately 15 inches in circumference, 5 inches in length

Booties: will measure approximately 3 inches in length.

Cape: will measure about 15 inches at its widest part; 8 inches at top width; 12 inches in length. (Measurements can differ slightly as each piece is custom made). I will include a crochet chain string which will be incorporated into the top of the cape so it can be tied if needed :)

While the cape could be worn and a string attached, I believe it would work best as a prop only...strings and babies...never a good idea :) The hat and the booties, on the other hand, could become a part of baby's regular "cool" wardrobe :)

If you have exact measurements for a baby 0 to 3 months, it would be best as sizing for babies can be difficult to estimate.

Please feel free to email me about custom sets as anything may be possible :)

Hand wash and air dry recommended.

Materials: yarn