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I don't believe that there are enough dolls children can truly identify with or Superheroes for that matter and I believe that this needs to change. Making these dolls is my effort to bring forth such a change....on a small level. The Batgirls in the photo were a custom order for a mom and daughter and I thought, wouldn't it be great to make dolls for other Batgirls big and small, Batgirls that make a little girl say "she looks like me". Each doll takes quite a while to make, and I think that I put more of my heart and soul into each doll than I do in anything else I make. They take time, they are difficult to make, but as I watch them slowly come to "life" they always make me smile. Many dolls like the one's I make cost a whole lot of money, because they take so much time and effort...and I understand that...from a business perspective...but as a mom, and as a crafter, I think they should be affordable and accessible :)

Each doll is unique, so each doll will vary slightly, but it will be about 11 1/2 inches tall. What is particularly nice about this doll is that it is made in a continuous way, meaning that the body, legs, head, and arms are all crochet in one piece. They are not sewn on, and therefore they can not come off easily. The hat is detachable. Eyes are safety eyes, and the hair is double knotted on, strand by strand.

While the basic Superhero emblem and costume will be the same for every doll, they can be changed to a different skin color, hair color, hair cut...with glasses, or without :) Everyone can be a superhero :)

****** Please note that only Superhero dolls are 15.00 dollars, other custom dolls require more accessories and specialization and cost 20.00 dollars. Please email me if you have any questions or if you are thinking about another type of doll :)

Please email me with any questions you may have :)

Materials: polyfill,buttons,yarn