WOR: World of Scorch STL Collection

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This is the World of Scorch

We are proud to introduce the desert world of Scorch

Prepare your party for the arid wasteland of Scorch; a savage desert of  sand, rocks, and ruins for them to suffer and survive.

Scorch provides interchangeable environment tiles, allowing you to create a wide array of inhospitable terrain for even the most stalwart players. 

Here is the main 150mm tileset. All are OpenLOCK compatible and come with a range of surface height and texture. Print as many or as few as you desire. The scope of the world is yours to define!

 The Scorch Obelisks are remnants of the world of Scorch and its ancient past. They follow the 150mm tileset and are interchangeable with any of the other Scorch content.  

Here we have the Tors of Scorch on 150mm tiles. 

Scorch Barrens are 300 mm "Blocks" (2x2 @150mm) great for enhancing the vastness that is Scorch.

The Scorch Shield Wall is so vast and geologically rich these stone cliffs only hint at what lies beneath the sands. Arranged as a 450mm x 300mm tileset "Block" (3x2 @ 150mm). The break in the cliff wall is large enough for 28mm heroic scale.


The Desolate Expanses of Scorch are hot and unforgiving. Dunes shift underfoot one minute or offer cover and shade the next. The shifting sands cover 450mm x 300mm tileset "Blocks" (3x2 @ 150mm).


The biting winds of Scorch endlessly bury and unearth its past! These Scorch Ruins hint at secrets waiting to be revealed. 450mm x 300mm tileset "Block" (3x2 @ 150mm).

 As desolate as the world of Scorch can be, it isn’t without beauty. Breathtaking arches of stone dominate the battlefield. The Needle's Eye is a 450mm x 300mm tileset "Block" (3x2 @ 150mm).

Scorch End Caps can be added to any of the available tilesets, allowing your Scorch tiles to be placed as independent pieces in any campaign.

We hope you enjoy playing in our Worlds as much as we love creating them!