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Whenever I create something new there is a process of trial and error, success and frustration...and that moment when it all works out. This little hat involved a LOT of trial and error to get the wings just right, but then there was that moment when it all came together and it made me smile and I thought about all the little babies who would be wearing this hat :) Thor is my favorite and this little hat is my favorite :) The hat will be made to order for the size you need: Newborn, Toddler or Kids (please contact me if you would like an adult size hat which will also be made to order at a different price). It will be made with soft yarn and the wings will be securely sewn on. The wings will also be treated (with hairspray) so they stiffen up and hold their shape.

If you have any questions about this hat, please contact me...I look forward to hearing from you!


Materials: yarn